Broomfield Cosmetic Dentistry

A Picture Perfect Broomfield Smile

Confidence. Charisma. Charm. Three different characteristics a beautiful smile can implore. If your smile is showing its age, or it’s not as radiant as it used to be, our cosmetic dentistry services are right for you!

Chips, cracks, stains, gaps, and other imperfections can put a damper on your smile. However, our range of cosmetic dentistry services can easily correct aesthetic impurities and beautify your smile almost instantly. A little goes a long way, and often we’ll mix our cosmetic dentistry services with other treatments to really amplify your smile’s potential and improve your oral health. Our goal is to give you a smile that looks great and works exactly as it should.

We’ll discuss your smile goals prior to starting treatment, and we’ll review our plans with you carefully and thoroughly to ensure we’re delivering the smile you expect. A perfect smile truly can change your quality of life. You’ll feel more confident when you speak, eat or smile, and you don’t have to worry about covering up your smile any longer. You’ll be proud to show off your stunning new smile with cosmetic dentistry from Broomfield Family Dentistry.

Porcelain Veneers

Want an even, smooth smile free from imperfections and flaws? Porcelain veneers correct a variety of cosmetic problems, including chips, small gaps, ridges and grooves, cracks, and more. First, we’ll prepare the surface of your teeth to ensure the veneer can adhere properly. Next, we’ll bond a very thin sheet of tooth-colored porcelain to the front of the tooth. Matched to the shade of your natural teeth, veneers look perfect. With the proper care, veneers are durable and can last for many years. A simple treatment for a stunning smile.

Minimal Prep Veneers

Like traditional porcelain veneers, minimal-prep veneers can correct a range of cosmetic issues with your teeth. The difference is that these veneers are ultra-thin and designed to be placed on the tooth without requiring extensive removal of enamel. The veneers add very little depth to the teeth; however, they cover up the imperfections that make your smile appear less beautiful. Resistant to staining, our minimal-prep veneers are skillfully matched to the color of your natural teeth for a smile you’ll be proud to show off.

Full-Mouth Restoration

The idea of correcting every tooth in your mouth may seem overwhelming, but if you need an entire smile overhaul, you’ve come to the right place. With our attention-to-detail and experienced skillfulness, we’ll address your oral health problems tooth by tooth. We’ll create a customized treatment plan that mixes all our dentistry services, and helps you uncover the magazine smile you deserve. Functional and beautiful, a full-mouth restoration can dramatically change your whole smile.

Crown Lengthening

If you need a restoration, but don’t have enough healthy enamel above the gum line, we may perform a crown lengthening treatment. By reshaping your gum tissue, we’ll expose more enamel, and secure a stable foundation for whichever restoration suits your needs. From an aesthetic standpoint, crown lengthening evens your smile and balances the ratio of gum tissue to enamel.

Gum Recontouring

Restore the balance of your smile by decreasing dominant gum tissue with a gum recontouring procedure. Excellent for patients who suffer from periodontal disease, this treatment shrinks the gum pockets and makes them easier to clean. We’ll create a more harmonious smile by sculpting the gum tissue and exposing an equal amount of enamel. Don’t consider yourself to be stricken with a “gummy” smile any longer. Seek balance with Broomfield Family Dentistry.

Composite Bonding

The little flaws and imperfections really add up, diminishing confidence every time you notice one in a mirror. While our cosmetic dental services offer a variety of corrective procedures, composite bonding is both an effective and conservative approach. Chips, cracks, and little gaps are no match for our durable composite resin. A form of dental artistry, Dr. Sweeny will sculpt a tooth-colored resin onto your tooth, creating an even, natural-looking aesthetic. Once cured, the composite resin is durable and functional, and you’ll love how simple the entire procedure is.

Tooth Recontouring

Have canine teeth that are a little too long? Uneven, ridged teeth can be corrected with tooth recontouring. Similar to crown lengthening and gum recontouring, this treatment smooths your tooth enamel and reshapes your teeth to create an even appearance. In many situations, tooth recontouring works well with other cosmetic and restorative treatments to give you a picture-perfect smile. Ask us if you can benefit from tooth recontouring.

Smile Whitening

A radiant, bright smile is a simple whitening treatment away. Stains and discolorations can be caused by certain foods or beverages, medications, or even genetics, and can prematurely make your teeth appear older than they really are. Professional smile whitening treatments are more effective at breaking up these stains and brightening your smile than over-the-counter products. In our office, we use KöR Deep Bleaching system, one of the most effective treatments in the industry.

This proprietary gel penetrates deep into the enamel to eliminate stains with as little sensitivity to patients as possible. For those who prefer whitening at home, we provide take-home trays that you can wear while amidst your daily routine. Stubborn white spots on your teeth? We’ll remove them with a DMG Icon, using special gels to return the natural color and stop the tooth from being over porous. Want a whiter smile? Ask us which option is best for you.