Broomfield Implant Dentistry

Combining Technology and Skill to Complete Your Smile in Broomfield

When you’re searching for the most natural replacement for missing teeth, turn to dental implants. At Broomfield Family Dentistry, we can place and restore dental implants to give you a complete, beautiful smile you deserve.

Dental implants encourage oral health, as they stop bone deterioration and teeth shifting and provide a stable foundation for a prosthetic restoration that blends in with your natural teeth.

Dr. Sweeny can both place and restore your dental implants. You can get the restoration you want with the team you trust and in one convenient location. We use Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) technology in our office, which ensures accurate placement of the dental implant and generates a 3D image that viewable from any angle. By using a cone beam scanner, we’re able to better assess a patient’s needs and create a more detailed implant plan. This technology offers a safer, easier implant experience for our patients.

Once your dental implant is surgically placed, we’ll give it time to heal. During the healing process, the implant will fuse to the jaw bone, and act as a “root” for a custom-crafted prosthetic replacement. Dr. Sweeny will skillfully restore your dental implant with a stunning new crown or other appliance that will complete your smile and look natural and beautiful.

We restore single implants with dental crowns, but we also offer implant-retained dentures and “All-on-4® implants” for patients with multiple missing teeth.

Implant-Retained Dentures

When you’ve lost a full set of teeth, you may have trouble eating or speaking clearly. Patients who have lost an entire arch or teeth generally opt for restoration with dentures. Traditional dentures are held in place with suction or oozy adhesive, which can get messy or uncomfortable. We offer implant-retained dentures, which are more secure and generally more comfortable to wear, as they reduce pressure points and sore spots. The weight of the dentures is more evenly distributed, and since they are secured by implants, they prevent jaw bone loss. Implant-retained dentures are removable, and clip onto the implanted framework. You’re able to eat, speak, and smile with full confidence again!


It’s possible to replace a full arch of teeth using only four dental implants. The All-On-4 treatment offers a fixed full-arch restoration using dental implant technology. In most cases, we place the implants and the prosthetics the same day, so you get a natural looking, fully functioning smile as soon as possible. Durable and attractive, with proper care, your All-On-4 implant restoration will last a lifetime. Ask us if All-On-4 implants are right for you.